Wish you had a compass to navigate homeschool college admissions?

You want your homeschooler to be launched into a life filled with passion, purpose, and possibilities. You want to be remembered for helping them get there.

But there are very few resources for you to figure out how.

As a homeschool parent, your overwhelm is only natural.

To get your homeschooler into college, you need a clear path. A meaningful path. One that is as unique as your teen.

Let me be your guide on a transformative journey that will launch your homeschooler not only into their dream college, but also their dream life.

homeschool college compass

Your Homeschooler’s Story Will Be the Compass


The minute I heard your voice I calmed down! I felt comforted that the very values that we started our homeschool with were going to be met in this process too. I trusted you and felt so supported at every turn, all the way from pushing the button to sending the application off. So grateful! — Wendy, mom to L. (Sarah Lawrence College)

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