Lisa Davis

Hey there! I’m Lisa Davis.

Five years ago, I landed the best gig in town.

I began working with crazy awesome homeschooling families - families whose kids are actors, singers, engineers, sailors, fashion designers, mathematicians, grassroots organizers. Creative, passionate, and talented outliers - bright, driven, and motivated.

And they want to go to the colleges that are best…for them.

I am their champion, their mentor, their cheerleader as they navigate high school and college admissions.

When people ask me what I do for a living, I say I’m a homeschool college admissions consultant.

But really what I do is…I meet the coolest kids with the coolest families and they let me be part of their amazing homeschool journey. I give them two things: knowledge and permission to trust themselves as they make choices that feel right to them, but look strange to society. And in the end? They’ve got a story to proudly share with college admissions officers.

Homeschool families come to me when they’re tired of playing the guessing game - usually this happens at the beginning of high school. Parents start questioning their intentions and their abilities.

Homeschoolers who were once fearless start becoming fearful. This is where I come in.

Together, we transform a unique homeschool story into a compelling college application.

Looking back, it’s not a surprise that I’m here.

I have homeschooled for eleven years.

Accidentally, at first. Then intentionally. One by one, my kids have asked to come home. One by one, they’ve taken ownership of their learning, their passions, their lives. They’ve spent more time doing what they love than sitting at a desk. I’ve had a ballerina, a baseball player, an equestrian, a Rubik’s Cube world record holder, a TEDx organizer. They’ve designed their own courses and and started their own businesses. They’ve taken university classes and traveled the world. They’ve gone on to top tier liberal arts colleges and an ivy league school.

I have a 13+ year background in teaching, evaluating, and consulting.

I’ve taught gifted kids and special needs kids. I’ve taught in public school and homeschool. In all cases, I’ve seen the power of living and learning authentically.

Let’s get real. You went down this less-traveled path to allow your kids to carve their own destiny and take ownership of their own education, right? Your family embraced the nonconformity.

Now here you are. Questioning, doubting, stressing. I’m here to reassure you and remind you. You’ve done well. I promise.

Do you know what I always see when I hear about awesome homeschool journeys?

Possibility. Hope. Future. Joy.

That’s the part of my job that makes me jump up and down.

And the following text is what makes me get up every single day, grateful for the opportunity.

Thank you! And really, I know I keep saying it, but I could not have done this without you! On so many levels this whole thing is amazing, but the fact that 10 schools have accepted this homeschooled kid - kinda MINDBLOWING! — Jill, mom to Cameron (NYU Tisch, Drama ‘22)

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