College Admissions Consulting for Homeschoolers Who Want a Clear Path and Meaningful Journey.

Sure, you could cross your fingers and hope colleges take your homeschool seriously.

Lisa Davis of Fearless Homeschoolers

Or you could sleep well at night knowing you have a partner and professional college admissions consultant helping you launch your teen into a college (and life) they love.

Working one-on-one with me is for you…if you want to stop second guessing and go on the college admissions journey with clarity, confidence, and conviction.


How to Get Started

Homeschool Document Review ($400 for 3 hours): The Summit Package

The Summit Package is for those who need some final clarity before hitting the submit button. I answer questions, give feedback on homeschool documents, and provide you with a clear sense of direction. These three hours can be on the phone or off the phone or a mixture of the two. You choose! Start here.

Block of 10 hours ($1,200 pre-paid): The Arrow Package

Follow Your Arrow with this a la carte package that gives you complete flexibility over how you’d like to use the time - for any of the services I offer - high school planning, college admissions, homeschool documents. You decide how you’d like to use the hours and we’ll put together a plan to cover the topics with which you need help. Start here.

Comprehensive Package ($3,500): True North Package

Find Your True North with this package, as I help drive the process forward, ensuring the student is on track and hitting the appropriate college planning milestones along the way, acting as college counselor and project manager. Start here.

This plan includes:

Your Next Steps

  1. CLICK HERE to fill out the contact form.
  2. Hit send and schedule your free 20-minute discovery call.
  3. I’ll call you at the scheduled time and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.
  4. If we are, your homeschooler’s story will lead us the way!