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How Your Homeschooler Can Stand Out in College Admissions

Ever wonder how to make your homeschooler’s college application stand out?

I mean…there’s gotta be that one thing - that secret sauce.

  • You just don’t know what it is yet.
  • You’ve got a bunch of tabs open on your computer.
  • You’ve got a stack of college admission books next to you.
  • You’ve asked every homeschool parent you know.

Nothing is giving you the answer you need.

homeschool high schooler's computer and coffee and college applications

There’s only one way your homeschooler can stand out in college applications.

Let me guess what you’re thinking

Your homeschooler’s situation is unique.

  • Your kid has a crazy awesome story.
  • Your kid has taken full advantage of homeschooling.
  • Your kid has followed their passions.

In fact, your kid is pretty dang amazing. But, of course, you’re the parent.

You’re assuming colleges won’t feel the same thing.

But I’ll let you in on a secret

Your homeschooler’s narrative - the narrative you helped create - is KEY to making this the intentional and enjoyable path you crave.

Why this is important

Stories stick.

Humans are wired for stories. When hearing a story, your brain wakes up, releases Oxytocin, and makes you more empathetic, more trusting.

A Great Story Sticks Like Velcro.

It’s hard to react to one without emotion and connection. And with admissions officers reading up to 100 applications a day, you need something that stands out from the crowd.

Imagine reading applications all day and night, for weeks on end. Wouldn’t you be exhausted and bored with the same ‘ole stuff?

Give them something to hold onto. Because, in the end, they won’t remember your name, but they will remember your story.

How this helps you

Stories help your homeschooler stand out from masses.

Let’s get real. The competition is fierce, especially for selective schools. If you’ve graduated from a selective school yourself, here’s a heads up. The game has changed.

What you may not want to hear

Eighty percent of a selective school’s applicants would thrive there.

They have the stats and the scores. And they likely have a great story, just like your homeschooler. But those selective schools may only accept 5–10%.

The key to getting a second glance

How you tell your homeschool story is important to being seen, remembered, and selected.

Once you’ve got a grasp on the themes of your homeschooler’s story, you’ll be doing the happy jig. Suddenly, you’ll have a compass - guiding you to weave the story and its themes in everything you do. And every bit of the application will support the notion that they belong at that particular school and it’s only natural that their life’s narrative led them there.

  • The application.
  • Essays.
  • Homeschool documents.
  • Interviews.
  • Letters of recommendation.

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Here’s what to do next

Let the story guide you throughout high school and the college admissions journey.

  • Let it guide you when trying to balance academics and extracurriculars.
  • Let it determine which colleges you put on the list and which you leave off.
  • Let it speak through your homeschooler’s application and your homeschool documents.
  • Let it ring loud and clear that your homeschooler belongs at that school.

I’m not saying that it’ll be easy.

In fact, it may well be one of the toughest things you do. Being the homeschool guidance counselor is not for the faint of heart.


When you’re not super clear on the story and the themes within it, things get muddled.

  • You get caught up in brand names and rankings.
  • You get caught up in grades and GPAs.
  • You get caught up in the destination, rather than the journey.

Uncertainty creeps in. Different goals creep in.

Don’t lose sight of your story.

Why this works

Storytelling is the human language.

We tell stories all the time - to ourselves and to others. They’re how we define who we are within the context of the world. Stories give our lives meaning. Expressing what drives your homeschooler’s narrative is key to resonating with admissions officers.

With schools like University of Pennsylvania reading applications in 4 mins, it’s crucial to be clear about who your homeschooler is and what their motivations are.

So what should you do next?

So start the college search the way I tell all of my clients.

  • Own your story.
  • Live it and breathe it.
  • Don’t waver from it.
  • Let it empower you on this journey.

Colleges want to know who your kid is beyond grades and scores.

So take the guessing game out of their hands.

Tell them a story that makes it obvious that their school should be part of it.

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Your Turn

What is the hardest part in telling your homeschooler’s story? Share in a comment below!


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