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How to Easily Hack Homeschool College Admissions

Last year, my website was hacked. It was almost as frightening as running out of my third latte of the day!

Seriously, it affected absolutely everything surrounding my business - and there was no place for people to find me.

So what did I do?

I hacked the hack.

That’s how the Fearless Homeschoolers’ Facebook Group was born! Not only did I meet a group of fabulous homeschool parents, I took control of a situation that was largely out of my control.

It got me thinking about hacking the college admissions process as a homeschooler.

homeschool college books and coffee
Hack the college admissions process so that your homeschooler can stand out.

There are two myths I hear about homeschoolers and college.

  1. Colleges actively recruit homeschoolers.
  2. Homeschoolers have an advantage over other applicants.

TRUTH: Both are wrong.

Of course, if you hack your homeschool — take it over, own it, steer it in unique directions — then you’ll have an advantage. It isn’t homeschooling itself that sets you apart. It’s what you do with it.

So how can you hack the process as a homeschooler?

1. Make sure your high schooler is taking advantage of their freedom.

Are they choosing or creating their own interesting courses? Are they working on a personal project? Are they using the time to develop and deepen their passion?

2. Is your homeschooler participating in national contests or competitions?

There are contests and competitions and selective summer programs for every niche.

3. Can your homeschooler demonstrate evidence of socialization in their application?

I know, I know. But, trust me. The stigma is there. Admissions officers consistently say that this is their main concern with homeschoolers.

4. Interview!

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard that an interview cleared up many questions about a student’s homeschool situation. In my book, interviews are non-negotiable.

Do whatever you can to breathe life into an application.

6. Be strategic about teacher recommendations.

Encourage your homeschooler to nurture relationships with their teachers and mentors long before application season.

7. Be certain that your homeschooler writes a compelling essay.

Do NOT underestimate the power of this!

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8. Select schools that are looking for YOUR homeschooler.

Each college is looking for a certain kind of student. Make sure the application screams, ”I am the one you’re looking for!”

9. Be strategic about using every bit of the application to reveal ALL the great qualities of your homeschooler— personally, academically, and extra-curricularly.

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10. Stay organized with my Ultimate College Prep Planner for Homeschoolers!

Download it here!

11. Apply Early Decision.

The admit rates are typically MUCH higher.

12. Create professional-looking and thorough homeschool documents.

Show admissions that you took your homeschooler’s education seriously.

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13. Know exactly what each school wants from homeschoolers.

Plan for this in advance, so that you can schedule classes and tests accordingly.

14.Work with Me!

Schedule a call now to get the process started.

I would love to help turn your unique homeschool story into a compelling college application!

Consider this permission to have your own Homeschool Hackathon!

Fearless Homeschoolers high school checklist
Bonus: Download your FREE high school checklist to be sure you miss nothing as homeschool guidance counselor.

Your Turn

How is your homeschooler hacking the college admissions process? Share in a comment below!


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