So how does this work?

It starts with getting to know each other.  I want to hear your story. I offer a 30 minute free phone, Skype, or email consultation. Please, let’s chat! No strings attached!  I love hearing homeschool stories, even if you don’t need my help right now.  Share your highlights, your questions, your concerns.  Find out who I am to determine if we are a good match.  I want you to trust me and my unique process.

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My process is organic.

Why did you homeschool in the first place? To live and learn in a way that embraces who you and your family are. It is personal, dynamic, and purposeful. That, in a nutshell, is how I approach your story.  Through thoughtful conversations, I concentrate on getting to know your family and fostering a relationship based on trust, so that I can help guide you through this sometimes stressful journey.  

My process is empowering.  

I want you to understand the college admissions process and what really goes on behind closed doors.  Each school is unique in their process and that determines your choices and your positioning. Like your schooling, I want you to own this process.  The more you know, the more empowered you are in making decisions that are important to you.  

My process is thoughtful.  

Whether I help you plan high school, select colleges, or guide you through the application process, every element is carefully considered and tailored to interests, personality, financial needs.

If this process doesn’t change you, then you aren’t doing it right.

You will hear me say this time and again to your high schooler! This should be a thoughtful journey based on values – not name or prestige or rankings. Your high schooler will be asking formative questions…What is really important to me?  What am I willing to compromise?  What am I not willing to compromise?  What has shaped me and how can that help me choose schools and opportunities that will continue to shape my vision of adulthood? These are the profound questions an applicant faces. You’ll be amazed at how different the answers are from beginning to end!  

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