Pennsylvania Evaluations

Are you a Pennsylvania homeschooler? Schedule your Evaluation NOW!

I offer distance and in-person evaluations in my Bucks County home. 

I evaluate students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

A little about evaluations (and my services):

Homeschooling in PA is actually quite easy.  I stick to the law, which is quite open to interpretation.

The PA Law states that a log with book titles and a portfolio with samples are required. However, there are no specific details as to what that means. 

As long as I can see progress, I am satisfied. That can be in the form of a portfolio. That can be in the form of workbooks. I've even had families who do everything on a blog. A handful of samples in each subject should be enough. However, I know that some of you love to organize and have big binders - that's fine, too!

The portfolio is no longer required to be sent to the school district - only the signed evaluator form. It makes things much less stressful for everyone!

The state requires standardized testing for 3rd, 5th, and 8th graders.

The test scores must be included in a portfolio for the evaluator, but no longer needs to go to the district, according to a new law passed in October 2014.

Most importantly, there is no "acceptable" score the state wants to see!

I am available to do long distance evaluations or in-person evaluations. Distance evaluations would require a brief phone or Skype interview with you and the kid(s), in addition to the emailed work, log, etc.

I keep things low-key, relaxed, and welcoming. I promise! 


$50 for first student. $40 for second. $30 for the third.

Okay. So where do we go from here? There is no agreement or contract you must sign with me. Just contact me to schedule an appointment. 

Finding an evaluator who is the right fit is important. 

Seek one who resonates with your style of homeschooling. Just remember, an evaluator's job is not to judge your homeschool. It's simply to determine whether adequate progress is being made.

The greatest joy in my job is hearing about all of the wonderful ways homeschooling happens with each kid and each family and each situation. Fun stuff!

If you have any more questions, email me at I'd love to chat with you!