High School Help

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Not only can homeschooling prepare you for college, it can be your hook for getting into the college of your choice. Let me help you navigate this overwhelming, but exciting world!

Here is a secret:  Colleges aren’t looking for well-rounded students.  They are looking for a well-rounded student body, filled with kids who are bubbling with passion. Homeschooling provides the space, the time, and the opportunity to develop such passions. Take advantage of this gift and highlight your child’s uniqueness.


High School Transcript (with Diploma): $100

College Essay Proofing and Editing: $25/250 word essay $40/500 word essay; 48 hour return

College Counseling: $40/hour or predetermined package pricing.    Services can include Course Design, Testing Recommendations, College Search, Essay Help, Scholarship Opportunities, Application Advice, Secrets to Getting into a Selective College.