Hi! I'm Lisa Davis! I help passionate and talented homeschoolers navigate high school and college admissions.

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Do you have a passionate, quirky, and talented homeschooler?

You are part of a movement, a paradigm-shift, a revolution in education.  You don't fit any stereotypes. You defy them all and forge your own path. In doing so, your kids have had the freedom and inspiration to become actors, artists, athletes; world record holders, mathematicians, researchers; sailors, travelers, grassroots organizers. How wonderful are you?  You are why I love what I do.  I meet the coolest kids with the most supportive families.  It is awe-inspiring.

Imagine this...

  • The high school path is balanced with intense passions and self-directed learning. 
  • You understand exactly what colleges want from homeschoolers.
  • The college search is personalized, inspired, and exciting.
  • Merit aid and financial aid information empowers you, rather than frightens you.
  • You understand and tackle your role as homeschool counselor.
  • College applications are completed on time, so you can rest easily at night.
  • Your homeschooler’s story lies at the heart of the entire college planning process.
  • Acceptances roll in. Ones that make you smile.

Tell me your story. Let me fall in love with it.

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